I am a freelance journalist working with broadcasters and national newspapers in the UK.

Among others, my work has been published with the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, The Sunday Mirror, and the Daily Mail.

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  1. Juneaux Benoîte says:

    Dear Mr McCorkell,

    I am the UK Correspondent for TF1, the biggest national TV channel in France. I am contacting you regarding the article you wrote for the Independent about John Galliano, dating back from February 27th 2011 (Galliano arrest spotlights rise in anti-Semitism ). I was impressed by the quality of your article and therefore I would like to interview you for a TV report about the career and life of John Galliano.

    The idea of the report will be to draw a portrait of the fashion designer : talking about his early life, his studies at St Martins, his career but also about the polemic around him and his upcoming trial in France.

    We plan to make the interview on the 30th of May or the 1st of June, for now, at anytime it is the most suitable for you.

    The interview would be not more than 30 minutes.

    Would you agree to do this interview? What are your availabilities ?

    Many thanks in advance for your help,

    Kind regards,

    Benoîte Juneaux

    Phone number: 07 41 50 66 59 2

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